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A trip in History with Professor Nayanjot Lahiri

In an interview with Anita Rajan, Prof Lahiri talks about her teaching experience at Ashoka University and rewards of being a historian.  [...]

Ashoka News

A way to reorient yourself : Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies programme

The MLS programme is now in its second year, with eight students pursuing their research in various areas such as Literature, Media studies and Anthropology among others[...]

Ashoka News

Undergraduate students look back at their first year at Ashoka

The summer leading up to the first year of college is never easy. Who could understand this better than the ones who have already been first year students? The idea of college can be overwhelming, but fear isn’t something that should override the excitement of new experiences. On this note, here are some words of wisdom from Ashoka students who have been there, done that:[...]


Ashoka University Videos

Watch Sir Ronald Cohen, Chairman, G8 Committee, in a panel discussion with Anshu Gupta, Founder of Goonj, and Vishal Mehta, Founder of Lok Advisory Series on ‘Opportunities for Creating Social Impact in India’. Ashoka University founder Ashish Dhawan, Founder & CEO of Central Square Foundation was the moderator for the same....[...]

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