August, 2016

Ode to Summer Abroad 2016

By Team Ashoka

From learning to be an adult to brushing up their entrepreneurial skills, undergraduate students share their captivating experiences in universities abroad this summer.

(From left to right) Trina Biswas, Samridh Kudhesia, Vinayak and Aaishwarya Jain

(From left to right) Trina Biswas, Samridh Kudesia, Vinayak Dewan and Aaishwarya Jain

The Office of International Programmes at Ashoka University offers students exciting opportunities to study during the summer in partner universities and beyond. This year, 28 Ashoka undergraduates spent a memorable summer abroad immersed different cultures and building lasting connections with people from all over the globe.

The study destinations and courses were very diverse including renowned universities like King’s College London, Sciences Po Paris, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UBC Vancouver. The courses they studied covered fields like Literature, History, Film studies, Entrepreneurship, International Relations and Computer Science.

One thing that they all had in common is an unforgettable summer of exploring new places, making new friends, and engaging with new ideas. Here is a peek at their experience :


                                                     I got a teaser on how to be an adult – Trina Biswas

 Studying in London was undoubtedly a great experience. I lived in the heart  of the city, and took two summer courses at King’s College –  Museums of  London: Curating the city and Jane Austen’s England. Both  added to the  books I had read and the image I had of both London and    England.

 I learnt how to read a map, plan my day, and manage my finances so that  I  could make the most of every single day that I spent in a vibrant city full  of  life and variegated cultures. I realised I could manage on my own, after  a  few bumps in the beginning. Despite getting lost a bit in the city (close  to my  hostel too!), the adventures in and out the classroom will stay with  me as a  part of a beautiful summer memory.


        My entrepreneurial summer in the Silicon Valley – Aaishwarya Jain

I’ve had an unforgettable summer at Stanford, not only because of the excellent courses, the place proudly boasts of, but also because of the amazing memories I have made with all the special people I’ve met here.

My courses basically gave mea hands on experience in the field of Technology and Entrepreneurship. We got to interact with distinguished personalities from Silicon Valley and worked on start-up ideas under their mentorship, learning how to practically implement an idea as opposed to just predicting the impact by imagination. We learned how to identify the right entrepreneurial opportunity, gather the right team for the said opportunity, and then do the right research and value creation to transform this idea into a real start-up. Thus the courses helped me gain practical knowledge of concepts which I vaguely knew in theory and helped me develop a better entrepreneurial mindset.

                                                             My Parisian experience – Vinayak Dewan

 The Sciences Po Summer School had equally enriching activities planned for  the students both inside the classroom and outside it.

 On the one hand,  captivating discussions on Political Economics with Prof.  Ruben Durante  and on the other, fun activities organised as part of the  summer school such  as wine school classes, a cruise on the river Seine, a  walking tour of  Montmartre, a train trip to a nearby Chateau—given the  suitably located and  comfortable housing provided by the university in the  centre of Paris—made  for the perfect Parisian experience.

                               A Turkish summer of research in Computer Sciences – Samridh Kudesia

The Koc University Summer Research Program offered me an opportunity to not only indulge in research, but also explore this culturally rich city. Amidst learning android application development and digital sound processing at Koc, I made friends with people from different nationalities. It has been a remarkable learning experience for me, both on a personal and an academic level. I’ve learnt how to collaborate with teams, and manage expectations in a team where everyone speaks a different language.

Do join us for the Summer Conference on 20th September 2016, when Ashoka students will share their summer stories and experiences. For summer abroad and other opportunities, contact the International Office at



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