April, 2016

Highlights: Life at Ashoka

By Team Ashoka

The month of April was choc-a-block with diverse activities by various clubs and societies at Ashoka University. Art, culture, sports or quizzes- each event had a unique feature. Here is a sneak peek into the highlights of the month:


Ashoka Premier League 8th April

The Premier League had different members of University acting as managers bidding for football players at an auction. The teams thus formed then played against each other in the League. The event began at 10pm and ended only at 4:30am the next day. IT left player and spectators tired but filled with adrenaline and excitement.


Inter-College Inaugural Quiz 9th April

The Ashoka Quiz Society conducted the University’s inaugural inter-college quizzing event, Chakra View. Divided into three sub-quizzes, it included Under the Bodhi Tree: The General Quiz, The Second Plot: Media, Entertainment, Literature, and Arts, and The Biz Short: The Business-Technology Quiz.


Art Fair 15th April

art fair
Siyahi, the Art Society, organised a fair that intended to create an escape for everyone on campus. They had a wide array of simplistic stalls that allowed people to rekindle their artistic inner child. Activities ranged from marbling to origami, bubble printing and finger painting. Visitors were creating their own painted t-shirts, while live portraits were being made and hand-crafted materials were sold.


Ultimate Frisbee Championship 3rd April


The Ashoka Ultimate Championship was an Ultimate frisbee tournament that comprised of eight teams playing against each other over the course of two days. An extremely exhausting, non-contact sport saw the players sweat it out for the trophy. The participants included Delhi University’s collegiate team from St. Stephens’ College as well as outstation teams from Patna and Ahmedabad.


Shakesfair 21st March

To commemorate the Bard of Avon’s work and achievements in lifetime, the Ashoka Shakespeare Society organised the Shakesfair on 21st March. There were various exciting kiosks like that sold cupcakes, and bookmarks. Students could also play Shakespearean taboo and show off their rapping skills at stalls. They even had a story writing competition, wittily called “Shake-a-tale.”


Slam Poetry Mob 4th April

slam petry
In a humorous, powerful, and entertaining performance, students of the club stood up on the mess tables to recite their poetry. In “flashmob” like fashion, their poetry spoke of the lives of Ashokan students. Their poems were received by an echoing of snapping fingers––a mark of appreciation of slam poetry.


Kirdaar’s showcase 21st April

On the 21st of April, the Theatre Society of Ashoka University presented their second annual production. Two, full length plays were performed––Park and Nalla Family. Park is a famous play written by theatre artist and film actor, Manav Kaul. Nalla Family, on the other hand, was directed and written by students of Ashoka––Narmada Varadarajan and Sayeli Palekar.


On Demand 7th April 


A musical event named “ON DEMAND” was organised by the Music Society bringing together almost a 150 students in the beautifully decorated Atrium. A unique aspect of this event was the involvement of the audience in choosing the pieces performed by each musician. With the help of a poll sent out earlier in the week, the student body voted for their favourite number for each performer. All students and faculty had a magical night with beautiful music, fairy lights and finger-licking food from the campus dhaba


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