May, 2015

Myriad opportunities for Ashoka students in Summer 2015

Many undergraduate students have enrolled in the three summer programmes that are being offered, with more internships in the pipeline

By Team Ashoka

Come summer and undergraduate students at Ashoka have multiple choices to make this three month break productive. Early in the spring the Office of Undergraduate Programmes (OUP) at the University launched a three dimensional Summer Programme for the students comprising internships, study abroad and a semester at the Ashoka Campus.

The vision of Summer Programme 2015 is to make the overall Ashoka experience diverse with professional, educational, social, economic and cultural exposure while adding some real-life valuable work experience for students.

Vanita Shastri, Dean, Undergraduate Programmes at Ashoka University says, “We believe that each student at Ashoka should be gaining skills in the summer. We have designed the summer programs in a manner that offers students the opportunity to learn both inside and outside the Campus. We encourage each student to gain work experience through internships or delve deeper into the subjects of their choice through study abroad or by taking special courses at Ashoka.”

So far, almost one-third of the undergraduate students have enrolled into the three programmes that are being offered, with more internships in the pipeline.

Internship Programme

The six-week long Ashoka Summer Internship Programme (ASIP) provides unique opportunities for undergraduate students to intern at corporations, research organizations, social impact groups (NGO’s) or local schools, in the summer of 2015. ASIP is a natural extension to the Ashoka educational experience by adding a valuable professional experience that continues to build leadership skills for the students. Non-Profit Organisations like Pratham, Nayi Dishayein and others have taken on Ashoka students for internships. A few students are also working at corporations like Orkash, Evalueserve and opting to work at Ashoka University itself for the summers in departments like Admissions, Outreach, Communication and IT. Read more here.

Study Abroad

Ashoka’s study abroad programme offers students a chance to participate in a range of academic opportunities outside the country. Students have chosen to extend their semester learning experience by registering for courses taught at top international institutions like University of California Berkeley, King’s College London, Sciences Po Paris and doing research at Koc University. Excited students are equip with their Visas and are already off to other countries. These programmes offer students an interdisciplinary approach to learning such subjects as Political Science, Economic, or Environmental Studies which allows them to engage with a particular discipline from multiple angles. Read more, here.

 Summer @Ashoka

Enrolling in the summer semester @Ashoka gives students the opportunity to take courses and accumulate credits and focus on subjects of their choice. This especially aids those students who are interested in doing a double major or a minor for their graduation. This year, the University is providing courses in Indian Civilisations, Trends in History and Statistics for Economists. Read more about summer @Ashoka, here.



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